Our websites are the staple product of our inventory. Your online storefront, portfolio and business hub. Every site is created custom, from scratch.

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of all Google searches are from mobile devices.

Over half of your customers are on their phones likely more than any other device. With Fiiber sites you can guarantee just as excellent of an experience for your customers on the go as they would be at home.

Avg. Site Ranking: Top 8
Avg. Mobile SEO Score: 83%
Avg. Mob. Speed Test: 3.1s (32% Faster than competition)
Mobilized Fiiber Websites

Built Custom

We DO NOT use website builders. No Square Space or Wix, or whatever pre-made development program to standardize your creativity. WE ARE CUSTOM.

We're all about big ideas. Starting from the ground up allows for those ideas to come to life. We pass onto you the massive benefit of not being limited with what the drag-and-drop builders can offer.

Like business in general, your website needs to be able to adapt to trends, alterations, and bigger, better ideas as you grow. We are right there to help make those changes happen.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

One of the worst parts about using a website builder to create a business website is that the builder often spits out a jumble of code that is not structured well. It doesn’t contain the necessary elements to help websites rank better in Google.

In more cases than not, when you build your site with these website builders you do not have control of the code…just the design. This limits the opportunity to use structured data to increase your local SEO or even add content. Growing your online presence is a huge part of getting more online visitors and customers. These website builders don’t allow you to create new content so you will rarely rank well in Google.

Built For YOUR Business

Many website builder companies like to say that you can create a stunning website with their software. The problem is that "stunning" has context. If the last time your website was redesigned or edited was 10 years ago, then a one page Wix website may seem stunning. But technology is growing very fast and the web design market has grown with it.

Stunning websites these days are much more than just a single page that a lawyer, doctor or chiropractor throws together in 30 minutes. Fiiber sites are built to create and replicate the experience that a customer walking into your store would feel, both promoting engagement and building trust. A stunning website is a website that brings in traffic and converts that traffic to paying customers and most website builder sites don’t do that.

More than just a website

fiiber | Shop

Websites shouldn't just be pictures and text. Shop our features for additional interactions, systems, SEO boosters and more!


Keep your customers updated with your own personal blog for you to manage and run yourself. Blogs are a great way to get customers to com


With a customizable, mobile friendly calendar at your service, you can display upcoming classes, events, and special promotions directly on your site.

Social Media Feed

Why settle with a simple button to link to your social media when you can have a live feed directly on your site! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it.

Google Maps

Showcase your facility, w/ options for directions anywhere on your project with a responsive Google Maps plugin.

Mail Chimp

Utilizing Mail Chimp's newsletters you can implement a custom-styled email capture system right on your home page. Add a delay and have a popup appear for new customers after they've had a look around.

Login System

Add a login system to your site to manage your users, and allow certain content to be viewed by members only. Anything from a simple email and password, to a multi-field full username sign up.

Registration System

Take your registration online! Allow customers to sign up for classes, clubs, events and much more, right from your website. Once registered, your members will be added to your Roots database for your own management.

Email Capture

With our Email Capture feature you'll be able to more effectively capitalize on new and existing customers entering your website. This includes a delayed, subtle popup invitation for a newsletter, upcoming event, or sale item.

Custom Email

Receive and send custom email confirmations to you and your customers to add a bit of flare and originality to your receipts, invoices, and thank you messages. These can be sent manually at your choosing, or automatically when a user fills out a form anywhere on your site with their email address.

Search Engine

This feature gives you a custom designed search bar to integrate anywhere on your website. With "like searches" incase your customer spells an item incorrectly and fallback options for blank queries.


With the help of one of the largest and most secure e-commerce applications in Canada, we can set you up with your own manageable online store. With our elegant and adaptable design, paired with Shopify's safe and intuitive functionality, running your shop will be the easiest part of your business.

PayPal Integration

We want you to make money! Paypal Integration gives you the option to add a payment method directly to your website, anywhere you'd like. Get paid for your services. Setup is easy. Making money is easier.

Website Management

Not everyone has the time to manage their website 24/7. That's what we're here for! From picture swapping, text changes, page additions and more, we're always on call to make those changes for you.

Additional Pages

1-5 pages might not be enough for a project of your caliber. We offer extra web pages to fit your content.

Fiiber Hosting

Once your website is ready to hit the world-wide-web, you'll need to find the best host to extend your website on the internet. Under the GoDaddy umbrella, Fiiber's hosting options provide customers with reliable, efficient hosting at a competitive price. Included in our hosting cost, we upload your site, transfer your domain from any pre-existing GoDaddy account (if applicable) and cover all the bases to make sure your site is up in a timely manner.

SSL Certificate

SSL has become one of the most important purchases for any business operating a website. It's not just an attractive advantage for your website to say, "Secure" at the top, but it's an incredible disadvantage if you decide not to use SSL and it instead displays, "Not Secure" in visible sight to your visitors. Keep your site safe, and your customers from leaving. Simple as that.

Domain Transfer
$49.99 $59.99

If you're looking to move your domain name (Ex. to our hosting platform, you must purchase a Domain Transfer to move it over. We'll contact the hosting companies, retrieve the credentials and handle transfer from start to finish. No stress for you!

*Any GoDaddy → Fiiber domains are included in the cost of hosting.

It's gonna be awesome.

Our Website Calculator ?  is coming soon in the new year! In the mean time, give us a call or email to get in touch!