Welcome to fiiber 3.0

ARTICLE POSTED ON January 1, 2019

Author: Mitchell Cookson

Fiiber 3.0 is here and the whole team couldn’t be more excited! 3.0 isn’t just the brand new iteration of our own website, it marks the complete revamping of our business as a whole!

In the coming months we’ll be rolling out brand new marketing strategies, web design elements, content management services, pricing options, and all with a renewed emphasis on community engagement! In addition to our growing social media accounts, we’ll also be utilizing this blog as a platform to engage with our client base and occasionally offer what humble advice our team has picked up along the way while working as a web development company. We always tell our clientele about the great benefits that having a blog incorporated into their website provides, and so it only makes sense that we would practice what we preach!

The Sites

Our new website is a testament to all that we at Fiiber have accomplished thus far, and what we aspire to do for the future! Our new design and improved user interface is a product of our newly streamlined method of development that Fiiber 3.0 will be implementing into all of our future projects! This means that clients can expect quicker production times for the creation and editing of our websites!

The Backbone

Another exciting announcement coming with Fiiber 3.0 is the introduction of our very own Content Management System or “CMS”, that we affectionately call Roots. Roots is going to revolutionize the client-developer relationship by providing an application for website owners to make certain changes to their site by themselves, view valuable analytics about your website's performance, and even chat with our developers directly!

To Our Great Customers

These features and many more are just the beginning of our plans to improve the quality of what we offer to our clientele. Each feature is unique and impactful enough that they all deserve an in-depth explanation about how it will benefit our company and yours moving forward, and that's exactly what we’ll be using this blog for! In the coming weeks and months as we roll out Fiiber 3.0 we’ll be sure to keep you updated on new additions and pertinent news, make sure to check back frequently for new blog posts! The team here at Fiiber is very proud to have been able to work with the business partners we’ve garnered so far. We look forward eagerly to all the new opportunities that await us as we move forward.

“When you have a vision and you see that vision come true, it really only shows you that anything can happen, you can do it all.”

~ Conor McGregor