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From websites to web apps, basic landing pages to custom registration software, Fiiber has provided web solutions to over 40+ businesses, both small and large in 2018 alone.

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SecurePark Technologies, Inc.

SecurePark offers an easy to use, uncomplicated solution to parking enforcement challenges. The mobile application requires minimal training, links to a parking management database and provides straightforward, secure, and professional functionality.

Their new website acts as an information hub to all interested clients. As the site progresses, www.securepark.io will offer all of their potential client markets immediate solutions using screen record demos of their application!

Chop Shop Physiques

Chop Shop Physiques is a rapidly growing gym based in Stony Plain Alberta! Since opening in mid 2017, the owner Lucas Jensen has expanded Chop Shop into one of, if not the most popular gym in the town!

In addition to designing the website for Chop Shop Physiques, we were also able to build custom software used for the Gym’s registration system! Memberships are sold, and new members are added to the database all through the website!

Amber Pushie Sleep Consulting

Amber Pushie is the go-to resource for anyone who needs help getting their children to sleep! With years of experience with tried and true techniques, Ambers methods will allow your whole family consistent sleep throughout the week! 

Amber needed a website that conveyed her inviting and passionate nature, whilst providing a sense of trustworthiness to her clients! Functionally, her website also lets her sign up new clients, send out her newsletters, and post testimonials from happy parents!

Valhalla Training

Valhalla Training, a brand new gym in Edson, AB is set up for a near unlimited number of training variations. With a unique, grounded atmosphere, Valhalla provides fitness enthusiasts a completely orignal approach to working out.

Along with their extensive, multi-featured website, we've had the excellent pleasure of working closely with Valhalla Training on the Beta edition of our registration system, Rally!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta

Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta or “RGA” is the governing body for the athletic discipline of Rhythmic Gymnastics located in Edmonton, AB. The Federation administers and delivers a variety of programs designed to encourage participation and develop excellence in rhythmic gymnastics!

RGA asked us to put together a new website to fit their recent rebranding efforts! With an elegant, responsive design, we also set RGA up with our very first addition of Rally to handle their massive member database!


Featured on Dragon's Den and home to a timeless classic, Twirl-Go-Round offers the wildly popular, at-home merry-go-rounds to use in your own backyard!

Their e-commmerce enabled website allows for customers to browse their products, make direct purchases, and get in touch easily, right off the website! Twirl-Go-Round's innovative FAQ navigation lets their customers get quick answers to popular questions/concerns.

Pacylex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pacylex, an Edmonton based pharmaceutical company is developing a precision medicine solution for multiple common cancers.

The brilliant Pacylex team needed a simple, intuitive user-experience with a built-in area for their dynamic news updates. The smooth animations and interactivity provide their users an easy info structure on both desktop and mobile.

Optimal Human Performance

Optimal Human Performance Training or “OHP”, was founded by owner Zak Palek with a specific goal in mind, to bridge the gap between rehab and performance. His in-person training sessions help improve strength and conditioning through injury mitigating techniques and practices.

For OHP’s project, we utilized one of our amazing partners to take a number of HD photos of him and his facility to help fill out the site. Zak also benefits from our custom Blog for easy fitness updates!

Alberta Art & Drafting Ltd.

For over 25 years, Alberta Art and Drafting have provided a full selection of the highest quality art supplies to the Red Deer area.

Their website acts as a gateway to their product catalogue and keeps customers informed about their latest sales and promotions! It also allows visitors to learn about the long history of the business, and read their visitor’s experience via their testimonial carousel.

Aurora Inspections Ltd.

Based out of Grande Prairie Alberta, Aurora Inspections delivers non-destructive testing services to oil & gas pipeline and fabrication operations across Western Canada.

Aurora partnered with Fiiber to provide a website that showcases their impressive credentials and also acts as a recruiting tool to accept job applications in real-time.

Camp'n Class RV Park

Camp'n Class RV Park is Alberta's finest year round RV park in the Edmonton area. It's been a pleasure working with the Camp'n Class representatives towards a brand new, fully expansive website.

With easily accessible park info, booking software, news articles and an immersive mobile experience, Camp'n Class will get the full usage out of their 5+ page website!

Heartland Disposal & Recycling

Heartland Disposal & Recycling is an expanding, urban disposal company focused on providing eco-friendly, easy-to-use garbage solutions to the Edmonton area and beyond.

The Fiiber team has put together a design-heavy, interactive website with an in-depth quote mechanism to handle customer requests directly through the site.

Kangoo Club Spruce Grove

Kangoo Club is a fantastic way to stay fit and have fun at the same time! Using their “Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes” that act as mini trampolines, you’re able to bounce around to a variety of exercise classes taught by their trained instructors!

Kangoo Clubs website shows the Rebound Shoes in action directly on their website with and embedded video! You can also view the multiple types of classes they teach, and even sign up to join one with just a few clicks!

Elite Athlete Training Systems

Elite Athlete Training Systems ( E.A.T.S.) is an organization formed by owner Brad Dayman with the intention of developing strength training for athletes from every discipline and sport! E.A.T.S Operates out of the recently formed “Gorilla Compound” which is a private athlete training facility in Spruce Grove Alberta.

Brad wanted his clients to know that his facility was made for serious athletes, not just your average walk-in customers, so we provided him with an online contact form for his new clients get in touch beforehand and make sure the commitment is right for them!

Berserker Nutrition

Stephan from Berserker Nutrition, also the primary owner of Valhalla Training is a health and workout guru providing custom diet plans at an affordable price.

The BN website is themed to the match the viking inspired atmosphere that both his gym and product experience provide. With easy plan descriptions and fast registration software, Stephan takes full advantage of his online presence.

Primo Skate & Snow

Primo Skate and Snow offers their customers a huge selection of the latest and greatest in Skateboarding and Snow Sports gear! Local owners, Casey and Randall, pride themselves on their personal touch to customer service and their extensive knowledge on what they do!

Primo’s website gives customers an overview of the products that they carry and puts you in quick contact with their outgoing owners through their various social media links!

Eric Davidge Aviation

As an international DAR-T, Eric Davdidge is authorized to provide FAA airworthiness certification services for U.S. registered aircraft up to 85,000 lbs. that are not located in the 50 U.S. states.

Eric’s Website acts as a resume and a project portfolio. It lists the multitude of qualifications that he has in his field and offers a direct method of contact to get a hold of him! It also provides a number of links to applicable forms and certificates!

More case studies in progress...

CMS: Roots

Roots is our very own custom CMS (Content Management System) and it makes updating and maintaining your website simple and easy! Roots acts as a behind the scenes terminal for your website and allows you to do things like make or edit blog posts, manage member information, edit text on your website and much more! Roots gives you the tools you need to operate the features you’ve added to your site, and it gains new functionalities when you add new features! As your website grows, so do your Roots!


Every great registration system starts with the sign up form. Only Rally doesn't just have one great form, but a constantly growing selection of form designs that you can use on multiple different forms you create.

With easy field addition, registration notes, policy uploads, and more, you can create and publish your brand tailored sign up sheet, live to the world, in minutes.

Content Changes

Once your members have signed up, you'll need an excellent data manager in order to edit, filter, invoice and contact your members swiftly. Input, SmartData.

SmartData (our custom database) offers an extensive list of database features including: multi-filter technology, easy one-click sorting, payment calculations, intuitive member invoicing, and more.

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