Retail Mafia

Working with Chris and Dan has been an excellent experience for the Fiiber team. They're great business men but more importantly friendly and intelligent people. They know their industry and are constantly looking to innovate.

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Who are they?

Retail Mafia helps companies sell more via online marketplaces. They provide more control and collaboration within your marketplace sales channels, and help you eliminate online marketplace challenges.

How did we help?

With a tight time constraint, Chris and Dan came to us in hopes of getting a website overhaul completed in time for a crucial meeting. They needed the type of quality and ease-of-use that only a professionally designed website can offer. Being long time Fiiber customers, our team worked extra hard to put forward a high grade site just in time for their showcase.

Going the extra mile...

Making a lasting impression is an important part of Retail Mafia's business and ultimately should be a founding aspect of every business model. This means not only providing quality service, but doing the extra things to recognize and acknowledge your clientele. One facet of this is their customized email confirmation that each customer receives automatically after they fill out the Retail Mafia contact form. A specially designed thank you for reaching out goes a long way with site visitors and future buyers.


❝ The site looks great! We thought you would want to know that our website was a big factor in securing us a meeting with a very large supplier. ❞