OHP Training

My team and I have really enjoyed working with Zak on the OHP Training website. He's constantly looking to innovate and provide different options for his customers both online and at the facility. Being in and out of E.A.T.S. gym, we were able to get a first hand look at the way Zak focuses and mentors his clientele in a friendly and educational way.

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Who are they?

Zak Palek is a coach/trainer who is passionate about helping people reach their training goals and live healthier, pain free lives. He prides himself in helping individuals reaching their goals in the safest and shortest manner possible. Regardless of your goal, OHP Training assesses the individual and builds a program based upon your needs.

How did we help?

In an effort to accelerate his online presence, we met with Zak to discuss a new website to act as an online headquarters. OHP Training offers info regarding his membership options, personal training background, facility details and more. Furthermore, Zak hits us up frequently to add new features to his ever-growing online presence.

Going the extra mile...

Dynamic content is not only a positive SEO practice but a great way to attract and bring back repeat customers. Zak figured this out quickly and asked us to provide him a way to engage his current and future clientele. With this in mind, Fiiber put together a fully functional blog for Zak to create, edit and delete posts at his own discretion. With our content management system in the back-end and a mobile friendly, picture based blog in the front, Zak can keep his customers coming back simply by writing about his passion.


❝ James and his team at Fiiber delivered on the website they built for me. James was super easy to work with and offered lots of suggestions and creative solutions throughout the process. I get all kinds of compliments about the site and am proud to refer customers to it. I really don’t think there is a better service out there, especially for the price. ❞