Chop Shop Physiques

Being in and out of Chop Shop Physiques frequently, several of our team members had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the friendly, hard-work inspiring atmosphere that Lucas has built for his gym. It was very easy and enjoyable working and representing a business that cares deeply about innovation and it's clientele.

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Who are they?

Chop Shop Physiques has everything you need for your weight training and cardio routine, and much more. Lucas’ approach to fitness is based around helping individuals at all fitness levels reach new levels of self confidence and personal growth.

How did we help?

After hearing about Lucas' gym opening up in Stony Plain Alberta, a hometown to several of our team members, we were very excited at the prospect of offering our help in the web development department. Chop Shop had all the necessary pieces to explode his market online and gain a following quickly. Our developers put together a well oiled back end that powers the innovate but simple -

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Going the extra mile...

After receiving several requests for an online solution to sign up for a membership, Lucas approached us with the concept and we went to work. Through tinkering with Paypal integration and all the various sign-up/contact options that the system would entail, we finished with a modernized, web-based registration system that allows his customers to provide their info and payment directly on

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