Amber Pushie
Sleep Consulting

Amber was the perfect customer. She was both looking and willing to learn the basics of website upkeep, while also suggesting design ideas and preferences that well represented the nature of her business.

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Who are they?

Based in Red Deer Alberta, Amber Pushie offers extremely effective and gentle methods to help keep your child sleeping happy & healthy that don't require leaving your children alone to cry.

How did we help?

After recognizing the growth in reach from her competitors, Amber knew she needed to make an impact online. From the start she mentioned the importance of standing out in her field, so we developed a site with a design that does just that.

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Going the extra mile...

Working with kids and their parents, "going the extra mile" is exactly what it takes to leave a positive, lasting impression. One of the little things we did to help that notion was connecting a custom email software that automatically sends 5 free sleep tips to customers of Amber's who sign up with their emails. Acting as both a friendly gift to interested visitors, as well as a simple, clean method to retrieve potential leads!

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